Today of all days, we (Daddy, Mommy and Declan) had to wake YOU up. You don’t know how ironic that is but I don’t think there’s been a day in the last five years that we had to wake YOU up. We joked and said you were busy growing in your sleep because all of a sudden you went from wearing 3T clothes to 5T…sometimes 6. When did that happen? You joke everyday measuring how tall you’ve gotten against…me, Daddy, the kitchen sink, ¬†everything and you’re right…you’ve gotten super tall in the last few months. But height isn’t the only thing you’ve grown in…you’ve really started to mature in the last year. You went from a little girl that needed to be held all the time to a girl that yells “I caaaaaaan do it MYSELF!” You used to sing your ABCs and now you won’t stop singing that silly Frozen song. You used to copy everything Declan did and now you do the exact opposite.

Just about every single person we see tells us we look alike but I’m thankful to know you are becoming your own little person. You are going through life with innocence, love and a little bit of an attitude (okay, maybe a lot of attitude right now). I hope that you continue to test the limits. I hope you continue to try things that don’t seem like they will work. I hope you ask a zillion questions. And I continue to pray that you do it with love and empathy because with your feistiness, your determination and your personality…the world hasn’t seen anything yet.

Be brave. Love with your whole heart. And change the world!

Happy Fifth Birthday!

I love you sweet girl,


These photos are on your “last day of being 4″…

2014-05-20_0001 2014-05-20_0002 2014-05-20_0003 2014-05-20_0004 2014-05-20_0005 2014-05-20_0006
2014-05-20_0007 2014-05-20_0008 2014-05-20_0009


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