Anyone else struggle between being “in” the moment and “capturing” the moment? Christmas morning is the ultimate struggle for me because that time is full of precious memories with my family that I want documented but I want to be PART of them….not behind a camera. About three years ago, there was a fabulous blog post about how to use a feature on most DSLR cameras that many don’t know about…it’s called “interval timer” and it’s one of my favorite features! 

The interval timer feature allows you to set up your camera to take a photo every x seconds…you can choose the x. What happens next is the fun part…you download your images into a program like iMovie and create the most fabulous stop motion video! How cool is it that you’re not holding a camera up to your face the whole time and more importantly, YOU are part of your family fun!

We LOVE watching the videos each year and Christmas morning is no longer a mental challenge for me because the camera is doing all the work.

If you’re interested in seeing the result, here’s last year’s Christmas morning….

(This is raw so don’t judge the no make up, crazy hair situation! And you’ll notice I still use my iPhone for those one-off snap shots.)

I shared my 2013 video on Facebook so if we’re friends and you’re interested, you can check that one out too.

And if you want to do this yourself, check out this Clickin Moms post about how to use the interval timer on your camera!

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