Each time I capture a family, I start with a questionnaire so I can learn a little more about them, what they enjoy and the types of things they do together. I was instantly connected with this family because of our love for travel and ironically, we’re taking similar summer vacations. So fun! And then, I meet them and all three boys had long hair which has a special place in my heart since my little guy rocks the long hair.

Mom described her family as faithful, active and fun and she couldn’t have been more accurate. Enjoy a few images of our time running around Maymont! read more

This family was such a joy to photograph — you could feel the outpouring of love, grace and true adoration for each other with a little silliness mixed in. We spent the first few minutes getting the little guy warmed up to the camera but wasn’t long before he was hamming it up and calling the shots for the whole family. His big sister was full of beauty and grace and some of the images of her and her mom are some of my favorites. I’m so grateful to have met them and captured their love for each other. And how much does Dad and his look guy look alike? Click read more to see the rest of the images. read more

Do you have thousands of family or travel photos? Can you find the photo you want when you need it? When it comes to storing your images, printing is always my favorite and most timeless way to guarantee your memories but that doesn’t override the importance of backing up your photos in the cloud. For years, I’ve used Dropbox and it worked well but after finding dozens of disks from a decade ago it was time to do a massive back up and I found Google Photos. Google Photos has given me the freedom to have over a decade of images at my finger tips!  read more

Eight years ago I was photographing everything I could put in front of my camera and shooting my little heart out. There wasn’t a business yet…I was trying to learn, practice and practice some more. Besides my husband and family there was one person who was cheering me on with support like no other…Erin. She spoke encouraging words, wrote thoughtful cards and never forgot to tell you how much she appreciated you. She referred some of my first clients, she trusted me with her most precious memories and she never stopped cheering. I’m confident I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. read more

There will always be an extra special place in my heart for Honeymoon Island. It’s one of the most beautiful beaches in Florida and it was in our backyard while we lived in Tampa. If you haven’t been….GO! You won’t be disappointed. While we were visiting, I was fortunate to schedule a few sessions and one just happened to be with a family that my husband grew up with. Emily’s parents and my in-laws have been friends for many, many years and it’s been a joy to visit with them and capture the energy on camera. And honestly, I’m convinced if shoot ends with two boys dressed in suspenders in the Gulf of Mexico we did something right! read more

I was on my way to drop my daughter off at gymnastics and the light in this field off a small road in Ashland caught my eye. Something about it was warm and welcoming. Ironically, the day after I got a message from this Momma. I was booked for the season but I felt like it was meant to be and I always loved photographing this sweet family. They were super flexible and we snuck a quick session in just before we lost all light and I’m so glad we did. They never disappoint with sweet smiles, belly laughs and Franklin (the dog) making the shots that much sweeter!  read more

In the upcoming weeks, I’m going to do a couple of blog posts on how I organize family photos…both of my own family and for my clients. It just so happened that I received this beautiful album in the mail and prior to sending it off, I wanted to share how it turned out. I’m also ordering my own version of this album so if anyone wants to see it, let me know. It’s a classic way to compile a full year of memories in a beautiful album that will be passed down for generations. read more

Fall colors. Beautiful location. Incredible family that’s full of joy, happiness and jokes. This family knows how to laugh and they do it often.  I’m so thankful they trusted me to capture them late last year at the beautiful Libby Hill Park. It was important to me to capture the authenticity of this family because they are truly some of the kindest people on the planet. read more

I spend lots of time in fields, parks, battlefields covered in grass, weeds and bugs. Yes, bugs. It’s beautiful and I love it but it’s nice to have a little change of pace.

I was thrilled when I heard from this Mom — I could tell she was going to be up for something a little different and lots of fun. We decided on the train station in Downtown Richmond and it couldn’t have been more perfect. When you have an active family that likes to do lots of fun things you want to find a location that represents them in a way that’s unique and personal. read more

I knew from the moment I met this family that they were going to be special. They’ve been through a lot the last couple years but through each and every challenge they come out stronger and with more love than before. And this Momma, let me tell you about this Momma. She is built with compassion, hope and more love than could ever be measured. I love watching her love her husband and her boys with every bone in her body – it’s inspiring and I’m honored that I get to capture with portraits. read more