Today I watched you pass out cupcakes to your class…one by one only to realize we were short one cupcake on YOUR birthday. We suggested that you go without one so all of your friends could have one and you agreed. You agreed without a second thought, an argument or even a second of disappointment. Maybe that was because we promised dessert later or maybe it’s because you were thoughtful and considerate of your friends. Either way, I’m crazy proud of the kid that you’ve grown up to be in the last SEVEN years. Just like the cupcake experience, you are mature beyond your years and you know how encourage and inspire kids your age. I wrote a letter to Harper for her birthday but honestly, she has no idea what it says and it’s really for later. But you…you’re reading like a champ so it’s crazy to think that as soon as I post this, I can get the computer out and you’ll be able to read every. single. word.

The reality is as you’re reading this you’re probably sitting on the chair in this awkward position with half your bottom off and half on. You’re never really stable on there and if you’re not completely paying attention, you’ll likely fall off. Strangely, that’s only happened a couple of times but I can see a correlation between the way you sit on your chair and your life. Part of you is grounded, intense and very serious. And there’s another part of you that’s always questioning things, being silly and doing things while never considering the risk that you might fall. You are this intense balance of seriousness and funny/silliness. (So much like your Daddy!!) We’ve watched you play baseball with bravery, fearlessness and build your confidence in ways that only you could do yourself. Your confidence was infectious and not only did you become a better teammate but you encouraged your friends in ways that made them better too.

I pray that you continue to treat people with respect, love and encouragement. Your smile, your laugh and your personality is contagious in a way that I don’t have words to describe. When you smile, the world smiles. When you laugh, the person next to you laughs. And if you keep impacting one person at a time, I know you’ll change this world in a ways I can’t imagine. I know that when things get tough, you’ll be serious and when the world needs a laugh, you’ve got that covered too. Don’t ever be afraid to take a chance and if for some reason to fall…either off the chair or in life…remember that we fall down so we can get back up. I love you, Deezy to the moon, around the planets, through the galaxy and back times a million times infinity +1.


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