richmond_lifestyle_newborn_family_photographer_0001This little one is extra special….my niece! Delaney made her appearance on Declan (my son’s) 8th birthday. It’s always fun to welcome a new baby to the family but it’s almost as much fun to watch my sister and brother-in-law become parents. They are rocking it so far and making every moment count with fun photos and weekly updates. I’m so excited to watch this sweet girl grow up and see all the incredible things she’ll do! Congrats Jason and Shannon…we love you and your family of THREE! xoxo 

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Do you print your images? How often are you looking for a photo on a disk? I can’t explain how important it is to PRINT, PRINT, PRINT. I have to tell you that I wasn’t taking my own advice until this year….I started printing and now I’m addicted. I love getting that package in the mail and touching, holding and admiring the images. I have a box where they are all stored and we look through them ALL the time. Don’t wait. No more excuses. Print those photos!

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