A few years ago, I was looking for a way to be more present during Christmas morning. I felt intense pressure to capture the moment but also not miss the moments because I was behind a camera. The idea of doing a time lapse each Christmas has changed that for me completed. I still use my phone for snapshots throughout the morning but overall, I sit back and enough the magic and joy of Christmas morning.

Over the years, the family loves that we capture these moments and have even spent time trying to one-up each other with funny frames.

Want to see past time lapse videos?

  • Our first video was in 2013. For comparison it was 415 images. This year was close to 2,000 images.
  • 2014. This was the year of Sean’s walk across the sofa and the beginning of funny frames.
  • 2015 was warm outside so no fireplace. Declan did a copycat sofa walk and Von Miller dancing was all the rage! Also, it looks like it was the first year of LED lights. Believe it or not LED lights flicker but you can’t see it with the human eye. The camera catches it if your shutter is at a certain speed so it looks like our tree lights flicker but they don’t.
  • Sadly, I don’t think I made my 2016 video. I took the photos but never put it together. Grace, not perfection 🙂
  • 2017…here you go:

If you’re interested in the set up of the


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