Do you have thousands of family or travel photos? Can you find the photo you want when you need it? When it comes to storing your images, printing is always my favorite and most timeless way to guarantee your memories but that doesn’t override the importance of backing up your photos in the cloud. For years, I’ve used Dropbox and it worked well but after finding dozens of disks from a decade ago it was time to do a massive back up and I found Google Photos. Google Photos has given me the freedom to have over a decade of images at my finger tips! 

Here are my five favorite things about Google Photos!

  1. It’s free! Mostly. For almost everyone, you can back up all your images without having to pay additional storage. If you’re a photographer or shoot as a hobby with large file sizes and/or raw files, you may need to pay for more storage but the price is competitive and in my opinion, totally worth it!
  2. Backing up is really simple. Between the sync with your phone/hard drives and transferring from disks, dropbox it’s really simple.
  3. It’s incredibly easy to find photos. This is definitely my favorite part!! Not only is the timeline simple and FAST but you can search by “dog” and see all the images of dogs. Genius! There’s also facial recognition (with naming personalization), locations, things, movies, etc. And if that wasn’t enough, you can create your own albums too. Creating your own albums is perfect for summer trips where you’re visiting lots of different places with different people and want to group all your images together.
  4. The mobile app is easy to use! The design is simple so I can still find all my images but I can also share them as well. My poor friends and family get images from years ago because I love to go back and find fun memories to share.
  5. Fun ways to relive your images. The Google Assistant creates animations, movies, composites based on your images that you can review with options to save or delete them. It adds a fun element to managing your images and if you’re like me and take a lot of similar photos to get the best one, the animations can be really fun.

I went outside my comfort zone and put together a quick video into my personal set up within Google Photos. Enjoy and let me know if you’re already using Google Photos and/or if this was helpful at all.


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