In prep for my mini sessions this year, I’ve been asking families to describe their favorite family image in hopes to get and idea of what kind of images they like, the style and the feeling. This mom’s reply…”we don’t have any family photos of all of us together so anything will be cherished”  Clearly, I was going to change that but this post is more important than this family’s first professional family portraits. This post is about a family with a pretty amazing story to tell…a story about fighting, advocacy, and most importantly…LOVE.

This is a precious family is from my hometown and their innocent eight year old is battling neuroblastoma for the SECOND time. Talk about strong, amazing people…they are literally in the dictionary under those words! I strongly encourage you to read about their story, their travels, how they cope on a day by day basis and their love for each other as they battle this together.

And as you can imagine, this has taken a huge toll on the family financially and therefore, they often have fundraisers and accept donations to help support the family. Since today is the last day of September (National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month) it seems appropriate to share some of their first professional images together.

And please visit their page below to donate, follow them and learn a little more about childhood cancer.

Battle on, Wes! You are an inspiration to me and so many others.

Wes’ Facebook Page

Donation Page

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CDP_8757__LifestyleFamilyPhotographer CDP_8847__LifestyleFamilyPhotographer

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