CDP_1911_CarmenDohertyPhotography_LifestylePhotographyLast fall, I was able to shoot some pretty amazing people in some pretty amazing places. I didn’t share a lot because 1. I was pretty tied up in getting things done and 2. Often these end up as surprise gifts to families. But I’m looking back now and seeing some incredible portraits that are worth sharing. This particular family was one of those cases. This family is not only a client but have become really great friends. No really, I love when clients become friends and I’m forever grateful to call Brian, Traci and their beautiful kiddos, my friends. Love you guys!

And seriously….check out that backdrop. This location wasn’t even planned…we just jumped out of the car on the side of the road. No lie!
CDP_1704_CarmenDohertyPhotography_LifestylePhotography CDP_1740_CarmenDohertyPhotography_LifestylePhotography CDP_1818_CarmenDohertyPhotography_LifestylePhotography

CDP_2049_CarmenDohertyPhotography_LifestylePhotography CDP_1826_CarmenDohertyPhotography_LifestylePhotography

CDP_1852_CarmenDohertyPhotography_LifestylePhotography CDP_2014_CarmenDohertyPhotography_LifestylePhotography


CDP_2023_CarmenDohertyPhotography_LifestylePhotography CDP_2129_CarmenDohertyPhotography_LifestylePhotography CDP_2162_CarmenDohertyPhotography_LifestylePhotography CDP_2173_CarmenDohertyPhotography_LifestylePhotography CDP_2180_CarmenDohertyPhotography_LifestylePhotography CDP_2201_CarmenDohertyPhotography_LifestylePhotography CDP_2295_CarmenDohertyPhotography_LifestylePhotography

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