Jack…you’ve been in this world for only a short time but you’ve manage to create more love in your time here than we knew existed. Jack is the one that made my BFF a momma and man is he going to take this world by storm…literally. He will probably have a more impressive passport than me for the rest of his life but I will definitely have some awesome stories to tell that dude about his momma and I in little ol’ Yorktown, VA.

On a serious note, these images make me cry…every. single. time. The love I see in these images is just bigger and stronger than I could ever put into words…so I’ll let the images speak for themselves.


2014-05-21_0001 2014-05-21_0002 2014-05-21_0003 2014-05-21_0004 2014-05-21_0005 2014-05-21_0006 2014-05-21_0008 2014-05-21_0010 2014-05-21_0011 2014-05-21_0012 2014-05-21_0013 2014-05-21_0014 2014-05-30_0001 2014-05-30_0002 2014-05-30_0003 2014-05-30_0004 2014-05-30_0005 2014-05-30_0006 2014-05-30_0007 2014-05-30_0008 2014-05-30_0009 2014-05-30_0010 2014-05-30_0011 2014-05-30_0012 2014-05-30_0013 2014-05-30_0014 2014-05-30_00152014-05-30_0017 2014-05-30_0018 2014-05-30_0019 2014-05-30_0020 2014-05-30_0021

c o m m e n t s