“I need a photo of you and the belly”…I’m not sure how many times I asked but I’m pretty sure the only reason this shoot happened is because she was tired of me asking and giving her a hard time. These two are insanely special to me and I’m so excited about what’s in store for them as they take on parenthood. I  blogged about her shower a couple weeks ago but she’s one of my childhood best friends and one of the coolest people I know. And Matt…well, Matt makes everything right in the world for Mandy and therefore, me too. The two of them are the best example of yin and yang I’ve ever met…they balance each other and it’s obvious that the two of them together is what makes them complete in every way. As the little one is born, I’m excited to watch them be parents because I’m certain they’ll teach us all a thing or two. I love the three of them and since I’m posting these images late…we should have baby images soon! Little Jack was born on May 18th and he’s as perfect as his parents.

2014-05-07_0003 2014-05-07_0004 2014-05-07_0006 2014-05-07_0007 2014-05-07_0010 2014-05-07_0011 2014-05-07_0018 2014-05-07_0020 2014-05-07_0025 2014-05-07_0026 2014-05-07_0029

Funny story…since we weren’t sure how much time we had, we needed to get this shoot done and the schedule was a bit crazy so my kids came along. This shot makes me laugh so much. Look at the creepy kid, Matt’s serious face….so funny.



c o m m e n t s