I spend lots of time in fields, parks, battlefields covered in grass, weeds and bugs. Yes, bugs. It’s beautiful and I love it but it’s nice to have a little change of pace.

I was thrilled when I heard from this Mom — I could tell she was going to be up for something a little different and lots of fun. We decided on the train station in Downtown Richmond and it couldn’t have been more perfect. When you have an active family that likes to do lots of fun things you want to find a location that represents them in a way that’s unique and personal.

I had spent time with the kids in the past for my school portrait photography and I knew they had larger than life personalities…the kind that you wish you could bottle up and save just a little for yourself. Thankfully, the kids didn’t disappoint and we had the best time goofing off, talking about pets and laughing. Watching how much they adored each other was a treasure and you can tell they are going to be close as they grow up. And lucky for me, Mom and Dad were bigger versions of the littles — equally personable and full of fun.

Thanks Livengoods. I had the best time – thanks for the opportunity to capture your sweet family.


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