The experience…

Our school portrait experience is much different than your traditional “sit on the set and smile” portraits. We jump, laugh, tell jokes, make funny faces and more! As a parent, myself I knew there was more to my little one than a posed set so I wanted to do my best to capture that for other like-minded parents. You will see some silly, fun and happy faces — it’s all part of the approach and the fun.

Our Fall portraits are on a plain seamless background because we believe your child is the focus…not the background. And our Spring portraits are outside with a soft feeling of blue skies, green grass and the warm sun.

For our youngest friends, we have bobbies, blankets, etc to still use the consistent background while making them as safe AND comfortable as possible.

How will I view the images?

We capture our friends in a way that’s unique but makes the experience more personal. Our delivery is the same. Approximately two weeks after portraits are taken you’ll be provided a custom link for your family. It’s here that you can see the portrait experience come to life. You will have an album that includes your child(ren) and you’ll have the option to order prints, digital files and more. It’s our preference to not pre-print portraits as we know you’ll want to be picky about expressions that you recognize from your little one and ultimately order the memories that you’re going to treasure for decades.

Do you offer digital files?

Yes! (As long as you promise to print them yourself :)) I totally appreciate the need to share, print and have access to digital files but we’re on a handshake agreement that you’ll still print them — there’s nothing better than a tangible image in your hands that can outlast any technology advances. 🙂

How many images will I see in my gallery?

Because we capture friends of all ages and our focus is having a good time, the number of images will vary from child to child. With that said, we hope you enjoy all the images and you see the joy in our approach to capturing those sweet faces that grow up way to fast!

What else should I know?

There’s nothing that makes me more happy than when I capture little ones as they grow and they tell me that there are my photographs printed, framed or on their walls at home! For me…that’s what it’s all about! I’m a mom of two littles and I’ve photographed thousands of children in my career so I use that experience to make your children feel as comfortable with me as possible. It’s not uncommon for children who I’ve captured over the years to run up and hug me and I think that’s a testament to making them feel special in the few minutes I get to spent with them a couple times a year! With that said, I’m a stranger to some and I promise I’ll do my best to make those who are shy or uncomfortable forget about the camera and play with me and when they are more uncomfortable than not, we take a break, try again and then let it go.

Do you offer family portraits?

YES! YES! YES! And they are my favorite! Capturing the interaction between parents, kids and even grandparents are some of my most favorite things to capture. That is a true legacy and something that is truly priceless.

MORE QUESTIONS? email carmen@carmendohertyphoto.com