I’ve been dreaming of capturing more life. Adventures with your family.  I know you’re all doing cool things! I see you…boating, hiking, horse back riding, skiing, biking, cooking, playing music, making art. I’ve been wanting to capture this in a way that’s editorial in style but something that connects the memories to something that preserves the feeling of being there. Thank goodness, I have have supporters that trust these crazy ideas. The Bourne Family trusted my vision and invited me to spend a couple hours with them on their boat on one of the most perfect summer evenings….calm water, excited kids and the most incredible golden sunlight.

These sessions are an investment but by definition it should be considered a something that’s special and unique to your family. These keepsake sessions include a family film that captures the adventure, the joy and the memories.

As an example, I’ve shared a collection of images and the Bourne Family Film.


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