It wasn’t that long ago, Sean and I ware standing in Adam’s home as he was sharing some of his home-brewed beer and he said…”One day, I hope to open a brewery…”

Fast forward almost exactly two years later…It’s pretty amazing when you can see someone make that dream come true…and be successful at it, too. If you’re in Richmond, I strongly encourage you to check out Triple Crossing Brewing. It’s a fun, laid back place to hang out with award-winning beer and the coolest owners I’ve ever met. The guys needed some marketing shots for their website and I was excited about the opportunity to do my style of authentic corporate photography. Next year, I have some ideas up my sleeve to expand this type of photography for small businesses…stay tuned.

In the meantime, check out what can be accomplished with a trio of friends, a passion for business (and beer) and a dream…


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